Welcome to the 2024 No Barriers

Warriors Application

The 2024 No Barriers Warriors Application has 3 sections:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Applicant Questions
  3. Program Interest & Availability 

To be considered for a 2024 Warriors program, you must complete this application in its entirety. You will receive an email confirmation once your completed application is submitted.  Please keep in mind, No Barriers Warriors serves Veterans with disabilities from all eras and branches of service, all genders, combat wounded and training injured, with visible or invisible injuries. 

Filling out a Warriors Application should take approximately 15-20 minutes. Completing an application does not guarantee you a spot on a 2024 program.  Our team will begin reviewing applications on February 1, 2024 and will reach out to selected Veterans for an interview.  After your interview, you will either be offered a spot on a team, a spot on our backup list, or asked to apply again next year. We will continue to accept new applicants until all spots are filled for each of our programs. 

To maximize our support for Veterans, No Barriers is implementing a $100 refundable deposit as part of the registration process. The refundable deposit is designed to ensure that our trips remain full, allowing us to better serve our Veteran community. The deposits will be refunded to participants who attend the in-person portion of the Warriors experience. In the event of a cancellation within 45 days of the trip, or a failure to attend, please note that No Barriers may retain the $100 deposit. Thank you for your understanding and please contact our Warriors team with any questions.

We have the capacity to serve a limited number of Veterans, and do our absolute best to impact those with the most need.  New participants have priority over alumni of previous No Barriers experiences. We appreciate your understanding if you are not selected, and encourage you to stay connected to No Barriers for future opportunities. 

We offer experiences in Asheville, North Carolina; Colorado; and Wyoming. Please note, our Asheville, NC program requires Veterans to drive themselves to the in-person portion of the program. This opportunity is only open to Veterans from North Carolina and the surrounding states (NC, SC, GA, TN, & VA). 

Please be advised that no alcohol, drugs, or weapons are permitted on No Barriers in-person programs.


If you have questions about the application process or need assistance filling out an application, please contact us:

     Email:  warriors@nobarriersusa.org

     Phone:  970-484-3633 ext. 305 

For more information about No Barriers and the programs we offer, please explore our website at www.nobarriersusa.org

Personal Information


Select all that apply.

Program Style Specific Questions

The following questions are used to assign you to a team of Veterans with similar abilities. They are NOT used to determine eligibility for our program. Answer these questions assuming full use of any necessary adaptive equipment.

If you are applying for a backcountry expedition, rate your ability to perform the following activities on a scale of 1 (I cannot perform this activity at this time) to 4 (I can very easily perform this activity):

1 2 3 4

If you are applying for a basecamp experience, rate your ability to perform the following activities on a scale of 1 (I cannot perform this activity) to 4 (I can very easily perform this activity):

1 2 3 4

Applicant Questions
Please answer these questions as thoughtfully and honestly as possible.  This information is critical for our selection process, and more information gives us a better understanding of you as an applicant.  

Interest & Availability

Contagious Illness Policies
No Barriers prioritizes the health and safety of our participants and staff. As such, we implement policies and procedures that mitigate health and safety risks, including requiring actions that reduce the risk of contracting and spreading contagious illnesses.
Specific public health requirements are determined based on information regarding the spread of infection, CDC guidelines, and recommendations from No Barriers' medical director, and will be communicated to participants with sufficient time to comply with these requirements. 

These requirements may include properly wearing recommended face coverings, maintaining physical distance indoors, providing negative viral test results, and/or providing proof of current vaccination.

The following questions assess your commitment to complying with any possible public health risk reduction requirements that may be in place at the time of your participation.

*In the case of a vaccination requirement, a process to apply for a medical or religious exemption will be made available. Exemptions will only be granted according to CDC guidelines and in situations where risk can be appropriately mitigated.